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Demobag – Truly the Toughest for Heavy Duty Cleanup


Construction Cleanup is Rough - You Need the Bag That Can Hold Its Own

Developed By A Real Contractor for Real Heavy Duty Work

In 2003, Bruce Williams, a 25-year construction veteran, was refurbishing an old house in Boston. He saw he couldn’t haul away more than one or two bricks in a trash bag before the bag ripped apart, so he worked with a woven burlap sack instead. That’s when the light bulb came on – create a heavy duty contractor trash bag that was woven for strength like burlap yet also resistant to the elements.

Bruce tried a lot of materials and techniques before finding the perfect combination — polypropylene strands woven tightly together to make a nearly indestructible bag. His idea caught on, and now Demobags are available in every US state, as well as several foreign countries on multiple continents.

“Efficiency is king,” Williams says, “and this contractor bag can help in that area just because it has such a high capacity and level of durability. Plus, it’s great for other uses, like spring cleanup, junk removal and disaster recovery.”

Superior strength and affordability have made Demobag so popular it’s now available in every US state, as well as in countries on multiple continents. Now that’s holding your own.